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Saus stops per the 1st of August 2019, see our blog for more information.

Packages and pricing

When you create a Saus account, we will give you one month of Sambal for free. After the first month, you can choose to continue using Saus with the free Ketchup package or to upgrade to a paid subscription. Below, you will find an overview of our packages and their prices:

Your data remain accessible

When your paid subscription expires, you will still be able to view and export your data, even if you exceed the maximum number of clients and projects in use. Only if you then want to add more clients or projects than included in the Ketchup package, you will need a Chili or Sambal package.

Easy payment

You can upgrade easily and quickly from within the application. After choosing the desired package, you will get a clear overview of your order and associated costs. You can pay directly using iDeal, PayPal or a bank transaction. When you use iDeal or PayPal, you can often get started immediately!

No unexpected costs

The application will clearly notify you whether certain features are included in your current subscription. If you want to enjoy Saus even more, you can upgrade at any time. A package will be valid for a time period of your choice and you always pay in advance. That means that we never charge you for anything unexpectedly.

Your data will stay in the EU

Saus is developed and hosted in the Netherlands. That means that your data and those of your customers will stay in the European Union and that you are dealing with a company that is bound to Dutch and European law.