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Saus stops per the 1st of August 2019, see our blog for more information.

Why should you use Saus?

Saus is very easy and quick to use. And we should know, because we use it ourselves. The highlights:

  • Quickly add time records to a clear week overview
  • Easily view time records of your colleagues or employees
  • Create tags on the fly (for example for tasks)
  • Searchable and exportable reports
  • Also suitable for mobile devices
  • Use the same user account for multiple organisations
  • All data is transfered using an encrypted SSL connection

Statistics which give you insight

Saus features clear statistics which enable you to easily see how much you've done, what you've done and when you've done it. Some of the possibilities:

  • Quickly gain insight in the number of hours spent per day, week, user, project or client with clear diagrams
  • Easily filter by time span, user, project or client

Easily create professional looking quotations & invoices

With Saus, you will be able to create neat PDF quotations & invoices, optionally based on a selection of tracked time

  • Effortlessly generate PDF quotations & invoices
  • Link quotations & invoices to projects and clients.
  • Add tracked time to invoices directly from the dashboard